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Holiday Treat!

  Allow yourself the time to enjoy this season by taking a much-needed break from all the stress that comes with the season. I will be offering beginners stretching for 45 min with 15 min meditation class located in a beautiful setting with relaxing music.  Please bring: a matt, water, and a blanket for meditation in case you get cold. Starting November the 28th - December the 19th  we will be stretching our bodies and relaxing our minds in the art gallery located in the Mulberry.  Located at 1310 Mulberry Street  

Fawn Francis Certified by Aura Wellness Center in Hatha, Prenatal and Postnatal Teacher. She has been doing Mind-Body training teaching since 2015 here in Vicksburg. She teaches a one-hour class that focuses on strengthing the body through several poses and ends with a meditation to prepare the mind for sleep. These poses help with toning, lengthening, and posture of the body. While performing these movements the practitioner is asked to focus on their breathing. Through this focus, Fawn hopes they will achieve awareness of their body and how it is being moved through the space. 

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