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Facial Massage address all the facial muscles. The main benefits of facial massage are the reduction of stress and muscular tension. After such a specialized treatment, the face is relaxed, and fine lines appear diminished. The clients attain a deep level of relaxation. It produces a feeling of well-being. We do not offer advice on skincare or diagnosis, &  we do not sell products. All partners are certified and have all-natural ingredients.

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Luxury Spa Facial

We will choose out of three mud Masques the one that best fits your needs at the time of service for your skincare.  This service includes cleansing, a 30-minute massage of the decolletage, neck, face, head, and ears, exfoliation, steamer, masque, and moisturizer.  Along with arms, legs, and feet while waiting on Masque to dry. 


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European Sculptural Facial

(non- surgical face- lift)

Sculptural Face Massage is optimal for clients of all ages and skin types.

Will help with tightening the skin and smoothing wrinkles, reducing nasolabial folds, restoring firmness and elasticity, tightening facial contour, and keeping skin tone even. Includes cleansing, exfoliating, 45-minute focus massage,  Masque, and moisturizer. Along with arms, legs, and feet while waiting for dor masque to dry.


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Custom Classic 

Cleanse, exfoliate, 30-minute massage of the decolletage, neck, face, head, and ears, and moisturize. A custom masque that purifies and hydrates that will be picked out at service time. With a massage of hands and feet while waiting for the mud to dry.

60 Minutes - $70

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Gua Sha Facial

Buccal (inteoral) massage

Thai Herbal Compress

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Cleanse, and exfoliate, with a targeted Peel-off mask,  and moisturizer with a massage of hands and feet.

30-40 minutes - $50

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